One thing is for sure: the summer in the South of South Tyrol is warm and refreshing! The temperatures are comfortable between March and October, while during the summer, they can reach up to 35 °C. For this reason, it is always a good idea to pack your swimming gear or to think about a cycling or hiking trip into the refreshing heights of the mountains.

Our summer tips:
  • Swimming... not only in our outdoor swimming pool, but also in the Monticolo/Montiggl Lakes, Lake Caldaro/Kaltern and the natural Gargazon pond. If you prefer the swimming pool, you can find one in the spa town of Merano/Meran, in Andriano/Andrian, Nalles/Nals Terlano/Terlan and Lana.
  • Hiking, wherever your heart draws you! We recommend hiking trips to the Lipp mountain pub, to Gaid and Perdonig, to the fortress triangle of Appiano/Eppan-Boymont-Korb, the Gantkofel mountain, the Mendola/Mendel Pass and the Penegal, the Tschögglberg, Avelengo/Hafling and Merano/Meran 2000, the Palade/Gampen Pass region, the S. Vigilio/Vigljoch mountain and the Bittner farmhouse in Sirmian. In the surrounding area, there are also numerous fortresses and castles waiting to be discovered.
  • Jogging and Nordic Walking in the midst of vineyards and apple orchards.
  • Action at the High rope climbing gardens in Terlano/Terlan and lots of fun on the barefoot route.