Originally, our family lived in the Oberharbhof farmhouse, a wine-growing estate with orchards in Andriano/Andrian and only a few metres from Hotel Gantkofel. Our grandparents by the name of Bonell rented out rooms in the farmhouse during the 50s.

In 1971, our mother Theresia Bonell and her husband Anton Barbieri built Hotel Gantkofel and named it after the local mountain in Andriano/Andrian, the Gantkofel.

Since then, our family has run the hotel and takes care of guests in a contemporary manner. Our mother Theresia is still involved. She looks after the kitchen and takes time to talk to our guests. Christian takes care of day to day business. He is responsible for the reception and also acts as your bike guide. Susanne serves the guests at breakfast and works in the Hotel. 

The Oberharbhof farmhouse is still part of the family estate and is taken care of by another son Florian. He ensures that the hotel avails of fresh apples and grapes during the autumn season.